RFC: A Qt-only library in kdesupport

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 18:30:51 BST 2009

> >
> >> I think I've read that libplasma is largely Qt only
> >
> > find kdelibs/plasma -exec grep \#include\ [\<\"][kK] {} \; | sort | uniq
> >
> > (output has 68 lines, have fun "porting" :)
> I'm not talking about porting plasma to Qt only, but specific classes like
>  Plasma::Animator has a QGraphics* only api. That could be used in Qt only
>  code if only there was a convenient place to get it from.
>  Plasma::ExtenderItem is also mostly Qt only. That's from a 2 minute look
>  at the library; I know little about plasma and QGV.

actually, Animator will soon be just a thin wrapper around Kinetic. :) the 
concept moved upstream.

Extenders are pretty deeply tied to all things plasma, afaik; they wouldn't 
make much sense outside it.

the plasma svg & theming stuff, though, I wonder about that... it's already 
spread to other parts of workspace...

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