Trash kded module

Sebastian TrĂ¼g trueg at
Wed Aug 12 12:29:20 BST 2009

In the trash kio slave's trashimpl.h David writes that it could be converted 
into a kded module. I am thinking about that for the following reason.

The Nepomuk search kio slave does also return results from the trash and I 
need a way to filter them. One way would be to check the path and see if they 
are children of one of the trash paths.
(The simplest way of course would be to add a field in nepomuk but that would 
not handle legacy files. And even for catching up with those I would need the 
trash path.)
So it means that I would have to copy code from trashimpl or rely on a new 
kded module to answer the question for me.

Is a trash kded module something that could be usable to others, too? And if 
so, what would the API look like?

I am thinking of something like:

/// @returns the new path of the file
QString moveToTrash(QString path)

bool restoreFromLocalPath( QString localPath );
bool restoreFromTrashPath( QString path );
bool restoreFromTrashName( QString name );

/// @return all trash folders in the system including removable storages
QStringList allTrashFolders();

/// @return the trash folders for the storage with solid id @p uuid
QStringList trashFoldersForStorage( QString uuid );

void emptyTrash();

Input welcome.


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