kio_sftp rewrite

Andreas Schneider mail at
Mon Aug 10 10:32:48 BST 2009

On Sunday 09 August 2009 21:12:47 Dawit A. wrote:
> Well if you have a screwed up ssh server that refuses connection like I do
> right now, then kio_sftp with your changes SEGFAULTS and I think I know
> why... There is a code that does the following in openConnection:
>   sftp_session = sftp_new(ssh_session);
>   if (sftp_session == NULL) {
>     closeConnection();
>     return;
>   }

Hi Dawit,

there should be an error() call before the return. Could you attach gdb and 
get a backtrace?

> but unfortunately, closeConnection also does...
>   sftp_free(sftp_session);
>   sftp_session = NULL;
> so if sftp_session is already NULL as in the above case, then the ioslave
> goes down in flames. Once I get around to fixing my ssh server, I will test
> basic functionality and let you know, but I think it should be fine to
> commit this into the main tree on work on improving it from there, no ?

Hmm, it should not segfault.

 226 void sftp_free(SFTP_SESSION *sftp){
 227   struct request_queue *ptr;
 229   if (sftp == NULL) {
 230     return;
 231   }

	-- andreas
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