Require Soprano for kdelibs

Richard Dale rdale at
Fri Aug 7 12:11:26 BST 2009

On Thursday 06 August 2009 07:53:30 pm koos vriezen wrote:
> > If there are too many entry points and ways to use the library, then
> > somebody should probably rethink its API :)
> Right so. And maybe rethinking of what level the features offered
> should be. What we see on Android/IPhone or eg. with the Eclipse
> framework, is at a more higher level than what KDE has to offer to the
> applications. The exceptions are kparts, but it's missing some sort of
> type library and seem to have stuck in viewers for certain mimetypes.
The ActiveRDF adaptor in kdebindings/ruby/soprano/activerdf-soprano, that 
allows the Soprano Ruby bindings to be used with the Rails ActiveRecord-like 
ActiveRDF framework, works at a higher level than the Soprano C++ api, and is 
a great RAD environment for Semantic Desktop applications.

The KDE C++ libraries, C++ KParts, plugin apis and the various DBus apis, are 
as good as anything else for RAD when combined with the Ruby or Python 
bindings. I am a bit biased perhaps, but I think we should do more to 
emphasise how well KDE development works with non-C++ languages.

I recently did some XCode/Objective-C development and I would say it was on a 
par with the Qt/KDE frameworks for developing desktop apps. But I don't that 
we (ie KDE) have anything comparable to the iPhone development environment 
yet, for mobile phones.

-- Richard

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