xmlgui, DefineGroup vs. MergeLocal

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Aug 7 06:35:28 BST 2009


I need some input from the xmlgui experts (if there are any :).

I've had a discussion with the maintainer of okteta about KDevelop's use
of xmlgui's groups. Basically, KDevelop defines its File and other menus
by creating various groups in it (like save_merge, new_merge etc.) and
then using these groups in its plugins to properly order the menus.

The problem is that apparently the groups are not used by any other
xmlgui-using app/kpart except kate (which probably does so only because
we're integrating it all the time). All other apps/kparts are using the
append-attribute for <Action> which appends to one of the MergeLocal
define things from ui_standards.xml in kdeui.

Unfortunately it seems that xmlgui is incapable of merging the two
(we're using append on the DefineGroup but thats not supported as far as
I can see), which means all kpart actions of kparts that KDevelop embeds
end up at the end of the menu. 

However the xsd file explicitly says that <Action append=''/> should not
be used by kparts, but instead group should be used for merging kparts.

Now I'm a bit confused as to wether the .xsd is just the theory and in
practice everythings the other way around, or wether there's a bug in
xmlgui somewhere or wether I should start and change all xmlgui files in
apps/kparts to use groups?


PS: Discussion on kdevelop-devel is here:

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