Require Soprano for kdelibs

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Thu Aug 6 21:14:09 BST 2009

On Thursday 06 August 2009, Volker Krause wrote:
> well, that's a chicken and egg problem then. I don't disagree that the
> current situation is sub-optimal and I'd rather not force it on someone,
> but I don't think anything will improve there without increasing the pain
> level either, at least I didn't see any real changes with the current
> setup...

agreed; and some are already packaging Virtuoso (see Ben Boeckel's mail in 
this thread). by making it a hard dep we can start to rely on it for important 
features and downstreams will start packaging it.

social/sematic/contextual computing is becoming a key feature and something 
that will be increasingly unique to KDE.

not to scare anyone, but at Tokamak III later this month one of the topics 
will be about replacing virtual desktops as they are currently implemented 
with "window groups" (the same thing as virtual desktops if you use them the 
same way you use virtual desktops today, so it's not totally radical), 
coordinating those with Plasma activities (if you are running both Plasma and 
KWin, anyways) and then tying the whole thing into context that will be 
orchestrated via Nepomuk. the latter part will be the "most" optional part of 
this (as in "you can completely ignore it if you don't care about it"), but 
it's something that will be highly unique and special to KDE's workspace if we 
pull it off. and to make it rock, we'll need nepomuk working nicely for people 
otherwise they won't use it and the feature will be little more than a cool 

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