Require Soprano for kdelibs

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Thu Aug 6 11:14:35 BST 2009

On Thursday 06 August 2009, Volker Krause wrote:
> However, experience with that in KDE PIM (eg. cyrus-sasl for various mail
> server authentication methods, to name just one example) shows that this
> can cause considerable support load since not everyone pays attention to
> the CMake output regarding the effects of missing dependencies. If I can't
> even rely on distros doing that correctly (most of them do fortunately), my
> only option to ensure that the majority of our users get a fully working
> application is to enforce the dependencies unfortunately :-/

and in the case of things like plasma-desktop/plasma-netbook and where the 
feature sets are going there, there will soon be code in libplasma that allows 
those UI shells to coordinate context with the rest of the system via nepomuk.

i really think that the semantic/social/contextual system is going to become 
more of a core feature than a "nice to have" add-on as we continue on.

and yes, if there's some comparable system-specific framework we could rely on 
and we can pull a Solid/Phonon style API over it that'd be great, but afaik 
the Soprano / Nepomuk duo are fairly unique in that area as far as production 
systems go.

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