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Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Tue Aug 4 14:15:11 BST 2009

Ok, I think you mean the attached patch.

Another thing I did when rewriting this was to start it right from the very

I don't think this kind of feature should be provided by the view, and is
more a task of the delegate, for this reason, the attached patch is wrong
from my point of view, and what we should do is to:

a) Modify KFileItemDelegate to take into account the possibility of being


b) Create another delegate that inherits KFileItemDelegate and does the
right thing in this very case.

I will see later (on the night) if I can write a patch for KFileItemDelegate
and if it makes sense.

Rafael Fernández López.

PS: Please, please, please always write subjects for mails.
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