Improving kdewebkit/webkitpart [Was: KDE Browser work team]

Dawit A. adawit at
Sun Aug 2 12:51:47 BST 2009

On Sunday 02 August 2009 06:12:35 you wrote:
[snipped orignal mail]
> Hi Dawit
> Thank you very much for the work on kdewebkit! :) Your recent work looks
> great.

Thank you. There are still a lot of things still left to do, but I hope this 
takes it one step forward...

> Do you know about the KDE WebKit mailinglist (CCed in this mail)? That
> would be the best place to discuss development stuff. I suggest you to
> subscribe there if you not already have done so [1].

Did that now...

> I would also appreciate if you could update the TODO list on the TechBase
> wiki page [2].

I will definitely do that...

> Btw, one other important issue to fix is the Konqueror history feature;
> read more in point #2 of a mail I have written to the KDE WebKit ml some
> time ago [3].

I will put it in my TODO and look into it when I get the chance...

> Since you know KIO quite well, I also would like if you could look into the
> GMail-breaking issue [4]. I have done quite a lot of investigation threre,
> but without success.

Funny thing is that Gmail was the test site I used to test the full cookiejar 
integration as well as the visual notification (security pad icon) when 
visiting SSL sites. As such gmail should now completely work with an exception 
of a very very very minor rendering bug (partial overlapping of email and 
associated check box) at least for me.

The issue there, and I am not aware if there was any KIO bugs prior to me 
working on it, was caused by the partial kcookiejar support. More specifically 
the KIO integration meant that cookies received and sent were obtained from 
the KCookiejar where as all the javascript cookies were saved and obtained 
from the internal QNetworkCookieJar used by QWebPage. As a result, a page was 
unable to retreive cookies set by the http ioslave and vise-versa...

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