QFormLayout and consistency in systemsettings kcm modules

Christoph Feck christoph at maxiom.de
Sat Aug 1 00:32:32 BST 2009


there is actually ongoing effort to turn code into using QFormLayout, please 
do not revert those changes. QFormLayout has many advantages.

The bad label alignment is a known problem in Qt[1]. Some styles (Skulpture, 
QtCurve, maybe others) already work around it.

If there is no fix in Qt near the end of the 4.4 development phase, I 
will "backport" the fix from Skulpture to KStyle, and in the meantime 
continue porting layouts to QFormLayout where it makes sense.

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)


Am Saturday 01 August 2009 00:52:58 schrieb Jacopo De Simoi:
> Hi everybody
> I noticed that almost all kcm modules use QVBoxLayouts for laying out our
> beloved configuration widgets. the "almost" there is due to (at least) the
> following exceptions:
> kdebase/workspace/kcontrol $ ack QFormLayout
> kdm/kdm-gen.cpp
> 35:#include <QFormLayout>
> 51:     QFormLayout *fl = new QFormLayout( box );
> 74:     fl = new QFormLayout( box );
> 107:    fl = new QFormLayout( box );
> input/mouse.cpp     //---- Advanced tab
> 51:#include <QFormLayout>
> 201:    QFormLayout *lay = new QFormLayout(advancedTab);
> 322:  QFormLayout *form = new QFormLayout();
> style/kcmstyle.cpp  //---- Fine Tuning tab
> 46:#include <QtGui/QFormLayout>
> 232:    QFormLayout* page2Layout = new QFormLayout( page2 );
> fonts/fonts.cpp //----- Subpixel configuration
> 25:#include <QFormLayout>
> 231:  QFormLayout *layout=new QFormLayout(mw);
> In fact if you pay attention, the layout in each of the preceding cases is
> slightly different from the other cases. In particular the vertical
> alignment of the label with respect to the widget on its right is messed
> up; the text fields do not align correctly, they are a few pixels off, it
> seems that the label and the widget are Top aligned... At first I thought
> it was some issue with the qt-style I am hacking with, but the problem
> indeed is visible in all qt styles. Is there any clever flag to can pass
> the QFormLayout to make it align stuff consistenly with the other layouts?
> Otherwise, does anybody have any objections if I turn all QFormLayout to
> QVBoxLayout? luckily they are not that many and the other way it looks much
> better.
> Thanks
>  --J

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