KDirOperator/KFileItemDelegate? buglet

Carsten Pfeiffer pfeiffer at kde.org
Wed Apr 29 08:11:08 BST 2009


kuickshow uses a KDirOperator instance for displaying a file browser as its 
main widget. The view settings are configured independently of the 
KDirOperator used by KFileDialog.

However, when I open a KFileDialog from KuickShow, the file dialog's settings 
are (partly) somehow immediately applied to the file browser as well. 

Specifically: if the file browser is in icon view mode with labels next to the 
icons (instead of below the icons) and the filedialog is configured to show 
labels below icons, then the file browser is repainted with labels below the 
icons as soon as I open a file dialog.

It seems to me that the painting options are somehow shared between the two 
(otherwise independent) KDirOperator instances. 

Does anyone have an idea?

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