Christoph Feck christoph at
Tue Apr 28 14:31:23 BST 2009

Am Tuesday 28 April 2009 07:12:09 schrieb Ben Cooksley:
> I am using the "show early, finish loading later" trick. I have fixed
> the issue now.

Sorry, it is not fixed. I looked at the patch, and you still return to the 
event loop before setting the window size. The GUI initialization (window 
size and widget layout) should be finished before the single shot timer call. 

> I am going to ask on #kde-usability before committing, already
> implemented on my localhost however. I have no objections to this.

Yep, this needs clarification. My position is that these icons are 
like "buttons", where you click on them to get to a different page. So 
keeping them "pressed", when you return, looks unusual. But maybe it is just 

> If it is possible, then I can't see it. As a result I introduced
> multiple toolbars.

Ah yes, I see that you hide actions. Don't know if just disabling them isn't 

> I think I have fixed it now.

Nice :)

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