Christoph Feck christoph at
Tue Apr 28 00:01:14 BST 2009

Am Monday 27 April 2009 12:48:55 schrieb Ben Cooksley:
> Just a quick notice: KControl4 has now been renamed to System
> Settings, and if no issues arise will be moved to kdebase/workspace to
> replace the current system settings in 24 hours ( approx. )

Hm, the window resizes and flickers on application startup. If you are using 
some "show early, work later" trick, you could at least read UI settings 
(size, tool bar etc), so that it doesn't flicker. Actual modules to fill the 
tree/category view can be loaded later.

When going back to overview still displays the last module selected. Maybe it 
is only me, but it looks irritating, because systemsettings has code to 
explicitely clear the selection.

The actions are all in different toolbars, so if I want to change the tool bar 
icon size/text position, I have to do it multiple times.

I didn't really test the tree view, as I got used to the new overview :) But 
these are things that I think should be worked on before systemsettings is 

Ah, forgot one thing, that is the double margins around modules, I fixed it in 
trunk for icon view mode, but not for tree view mode. I haven't found the 
place it needs to be removed :)

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

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