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On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 18:03 -0600, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> this is probably the typical implementation we'll see in general, because it's 
> consistent with legacy tray behaviors. but it could just as easily be a voice  
> driven system, a text interface or fluffy dancing bunnies pantomiming the 
> items. ;) this is why we put no definition beyond "here are the triggers".

While I understand what you're saying, I'm a little worried that unless
there's a different implementation people are going to quickly associate
them with left, right and middle click.  App developers are a pain that
way :)

This doesn't allow for applications that handle the buttons a little
differently.  For instance the network manager notification icon shows
menus for both left and right click.  And doesn't really have an
"activate" type feature.  Bluetooth and GNOME Power Manager are the same
on my system right now.  In fact, with what I currently have running,
only Liferea behaves this way.

> now, i don't know of any systray icon that would require this now (do you know 
> of one?), and any that one might dream up i'd file under "broken, please write 
> a widget for your panel system" :)

That seems fair to me.

> >       * It seems like that by having the application draw the menu
> >         you'll end up with GTK menus in the KDE panel and vice versa.
> yes; this was done because:
> if you'd like to work on such an addition to the spec, i'd happily accept it 
> as a valued addition. if you are interested, some thoughts/notes off the top 
> of my head:

I'll look at the references and see if I can't brainstorm something.


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