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Mon Apr 20 22:48:18 BST 2009

Am Monday 20 April 2009 schrieb Olivier Goffart:

> Doesnn't the fact that this service is required show a flaw in dbus itself.
> Is there a way to ask dbus all the running client that provides a given
> interface?

the problem is that obviously the services are per bus exclusive (i.e. there 
cannot be two plasma services on the session bus, one carrying KDE's plasma 
and the other one the controls for your fusion reactor)

of course you could check all services whether they provide certain objects 
providing certain functions, but that's
a) heuristic
b) not necessarily efficient...

so if you want a "multiserver-multiclient" architecture (i understand this 
feature as the idea to have a systray in plasma, one in konqueror, one in 
gwenview, one wherever you think it's usefull) you'll need some mediation, 
i.e. one central cerver that manages the client server relationships for one 
task only (if the dbus server would take this job, you could then just get 
collisions on the "task" tag level)

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