Important Strigi milestone. Need feedback from devs of apps using Strigi and Nepomuk.

Sebastian TrĂ¼g trueg at
Wed Apr 15 10:40:57 BST 2009

This also means we need to convert existing data to Nepomuk ontologies. At 
least it would be cleaner. The most simple way would be to introduce a check 
that reindexes everything that has been indexed before day X.


On Wednesday 08 April 2009 21:00:18 Evgeny Egorochkin wrote:
> Hi guys.
> During 2008 Xesam hackfest in Berlin it was decided that Xesam 2.0 would
> become an extension of Nepomuk as opposed to being developed from scratch.
> Essentially, Xesam 2.0 becomes a bleeding-edge Nepomuk with extensions
> often making it back into vanilla Nepomuk and provides a set of dbus
> interface standards and other technical specs which affect actual
> implementation on free desktops.
> The end result is that it would be possible to make rich metadata-aware
> applications which work on both popular dektop environments.
> This is the first step towards this goal.
> Libstreamanalyzer is about to be converted to output data using Nepomuk
> ontologies instead of Xesam 1.0 ones.
> Damage assesment:
> This affects external(plug-in) strigi analyzers and apps which use nepomuk,
> who previously had to deal with a funky mix of nepomuk and xesam 1.0
> ontologies.
> In most cases the changes require a simple search & replace of property and
> class names. We will do our best to transition everything we find in KDE
> SVN repo.
> For end-users this update would trigger complete reindexing of file
> metadata due to ontology incompatibilities.
> Would be nice to do this on Patch Monday.
> -- Evgeny

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