DrKonqi 2 moved to kdereview

George Kiagiadakis kiagiadakis.george at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 19:16:54 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

As you may (or may not) already know, Darío Andrés and I have been working on 
an improved version of the KDE crash handler, drkonqi, in the past few months. 
We consider it ready now, so I just moved it to kdereview to get through the 
review process. This is almost a complete rewrite of drkonqi, so we figured it 
was more appropriate to go to kdereview before moving back to trunk. You can 
find it at trunk/kdereview/drkonqi2.

Some notable features of drkonqi 2.0:
* It features a wizard that guides the user through the crash report.
* It rates the backtrace and advises the user to install debugging symbols if 
required and doesn't allow him to report useless backtraces.
* It automatically searches for duplicates when the user is about to report 
the crash.
* It allows you to recreate a backtrace, in case you don't have the correct 
debugging symbols packages installed and you want to install them and retry.
* and more...

It also contains bug fixes for bugs: 112384, 142955, 164389, 175362, 180387, 

Some notes:
* To test it easily, there is a crash test available in 
trunk/kdereview/drkonqi2/tests/crashtest/. After running cmake on drkonqi's 
dir, you can use "make crashtest" to build it. The executable will be in 
$build_dir/tests/crashtest/crashtest. This executable crashes instantly, so 
you get drkonqi up and running :) Alternatively, you can use an easily 
reproducable crash, like bug 169826, which Darío has been using quite 
frequently to test bug reporting. ;)

* Currently, crash reports go to http://bugstest.kde.org, so you can commit 
dummy crash reports without cluttering the real BKO and without actually 
sending emails to anybody. If you want to try reporting a real crash at 
bugs.kde.org, you can change the url constant in bugzillalib.cpp, line 36. Of 
course, reporting to the real BKO has been tested and works (see bug 189635).

* To enable the "debug" button, which allows you to debug using gdb, you need 
to set "ShowDebugButton=true" in drkonqirc, in section "[drkonqi]". Note that 
the old "developer mode" setting is deprecated, but its config key is still 
honored for compatibility and simply enables the debug button.

We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


PS: Special thanks to the konqueror developers for NOT fixing bug 169826 :P

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