Review Request: SystemTrayIcon behavior not consistent with taskbar in some circumstances

Mathieu Seigneurin matsei at
Mon Apr 13 09:35:26 BST 2009

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Review request for kdelibs.



Right now on kde-4.2.2 a dummy application that uses plain KSystemTrayIcon has
the following behavior:
- app show on current desktop, not obscured
  - click on taskbar entry => minimize to taskbar
  - click on system tray => minimize to tray
- app on current desktop, obscured
  - click on taskbar entry => raise, focus
  - click on system tray => raise, focus
- app hidden in systray, not showing or minimized anywhere
  - click on systray => show, raise, focus on current desktop
- app shown on other desktop, minimized:
  - click on taskbar entry => move user to app's desktop
  - click on systray => move user to app's desktop
All this is fine and consistent

- app shown on other desktop, NOT minimized:
  - click on taskbar entry => move to app's desktop, un-minimize raise focus
  - click on systray => hide app in systray

This last behavior is a bit surprising and is the only inconsistency I can find
between taskbar and systray handling (appart from the very first point which is
obviously what is expected).

Additionaly, there is a bug in the systray handling with regards to windows
showing on all desktops. If that setting is changed between hide/restores from
tray, the cached d->onAllDesktops can be stale. This patch should fix that too.

Thanks for reading!

This addresses bugs 74938 and 188866.


  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kdeui/util/ksystemtrayicon.cpp 951942 



I think I tested all the combinations of minimize/hide/restore/desktop dance,
but some might well have slipped by...



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