[PATCH] Take care also of the KJob::finished signal in KPart - it also fixes Ark's BUG 187538

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 18:15:57 BST 2009

2009/4/6 Alessandro Diaferia <alediaferia at gmail.com>:
> And so, couldn't we make kill() emitting result() ?
I don't know whether the current behaviour in KJob is wrong or not -
KJob::kill() does emit the result signal, but only when called with
KJob::EmitResult instead of KJob::Quietly. If you make kill() emit
result every time, there's no point in making the distinction between
KJob::EmitResult and KJob::Quietly.

> Or, at least apidox should be updated and somehow connect to the job deletion in the ReadOnlyPart class..
There's another solution proposed by Aaron Seigo that would be
creating another slot in KJob that would call kill(EmitResult), but it
sounds a little hackish too.

I think we first need to settle on where the problem actually lies -
is it in KJob::kill's behaviour of not always emitting both finished
and result, or is it in KUiServerJobTracker's way of connecting its
stop button's clicked() signal, or even the signal connection in

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