need to check Xi lib version

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Fri Apr 3 05:22:00 BST 2009


I made a quick check and the kdelibs seems to use qite portable
FIND_PATH and FIND_LIBRARY and if I did my reading on cmake
documentation right there's no portable way to check for library
versions. Pkgconfig is the option on Linux platforms but that's not
what FindX11 uses so there seems to be no easy way to improve this
common module with finding versions.

So for kxkb problem I decided to go with the simple function check in
addition to standard kdelibs Xinput check. The change is quite
specific but it's local to kxkb so it should be fine.


2009/3/16 Allen Winter <winter at>:
> Redirecting this to the buildsystem mailing list.
> On Sunday 15 March 2009 9:22:34 pm Andriy Rysin wrote:
>> 2009/3/14 Gabriel C <crazy at>:
>> > Andriy Rysin wrote:
>> >
>> >> Hi all
>> >>
>> >> in kxkb I need to check that Xi lib version is >= 1.2.0 (bug 182955)
>> >> it looks like most checks for X11 libs defined in kdelibs/cmake but
>> >> there's no check for their versions.
>> >>
>> >> Is there a quick way to check the Xi lib version without writing too
>> >> cmake code myself?
>> >
>> >
>> > Use pkgconfig ?
>> >
>> > pkg-config --version xi will return the version. ( I don't know the cmake code for this check )
>> well, in this case I would not use cmake module from kdelibs
>> FindX11.cmake to find Xi and then if somebody else needs version it'll
>> have to reimplemented again, I was thinking rather if we want to embed
>> version info in the FindX11.cmake so it's in single place that
>> everybody can benefit...
> Andriy,
> Yep, I think you should prepare a patch for FindX11.cmake.
> Then post that patch to kde-buildsystem at for review.
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