Shortcut Scheme support and a todo for all applications

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Sep 28 23:36:52 BST 2008

> > So I suggest to note it down for KDE 5 and revert it for KDE 4 unless you
> > can come up with a clever workaround for all the third party KDE
> > applications we do not even know about.
> So, you say its better to have shortcuts in applications behave in weird
> ways when they use QAction::setShortcut is better than them exposing a
> clearly visible bug? I disagree completely, a visible bug is always better
> than subtle weird behaviour thats not easily spotted - IMHO.

I agree with Ingo here. Your change would break many existing applications. 
That just plain wrong. No it was not a bug. It worked. It was wrong usage. A 
completely different beast.

But its probably not worth to discuss it. With 865753 i committed code that 
hopefully makes everyone happy. Old code works, shortcut schemes work and 
developer using QAction::setShortcut get a nice little message.

For a list of your 20 kdevelop actions using QAction::setShortcut just 
recompile kdelibs and start kdevelop. Check the output for the error messages

kError() << "Shortcut for KAction " << kaction->objectName() << kaction-
>text() << "set with QShortcut::setShortcut()! See KAction documentation.";

There is your list.

Everyone else: Do it too for your app!


> Andreas

Michael Jansen

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