Shortcut Scheme support

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Sep 28 19:13:50 BST 2008

> > But we talk about many applications here. I would say all.
> I'd say its not all, in particular KDevelop, kwrite and kate do not suffer
> from this. And I think (not 100% sure though) kpat, ksudoku and lskat
> also not.
> > It's the difference
> > between worked - - not correct, but no one noticed - against does not
> > work anymore and nothing was changed on their side. It's a gross
> > behavioural change and as such not acceptable if you ask me. It worked.
> > It should keep doing that.
> Now I'm confused. I thought it never worked reliably, at least thats what

The code should set the default shortcut. But using QAction::setShortcut you 
set the active shortcut. The code works as in the action can be triggered with 
the shortcut. It fails in providing a default shortcut. If the user ever 
changes the shortcut he cannot reset it with the global shortcutseditor to the 
default value. It could be even weirder in that it is possible to get it back 
after an application restart. I don't care enough to test that.


Michael Jansen

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