Shortcut Scheme support

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Sep 28 10:08:10 BST 2008

On 28.09.08 03:09:39, Michael Jansen wrote:
> Ok. I did some research and the reason is what we all knew or should have 
> known from reading KActions documentation.
> When calling "(QAction*)qaction->setShortcut()" kde's code doesn't get the 
> chance to remember the default shortcut. Which means the code worked before 
> apakus change. But only by chance.
> In okular for example the "browse tool" setup using a qaction* had the 
> shortcut 'ctrl+1' but as a custom shortcut. No default shortcut there. Working 
> but wrong behaviour.
> The "zoom tool" using kaction* had the "ctrl+2" shortcut as a default 
> shortcut. The desired behaviour
> So the code using QAction::setShortcut worked before the shortcut scheme but 
> not the way people expected. And i would consider it a bug if a program sets 
> custom shortcuts instead of default shortcut. But noone noticed.

Hmm, IMHO if apps do the wrong thing then apps should be fixed.
QAction::setShortcut was always advised against - AFAIK - from 4.0.0 on.
And I think its quite good this was catched now, when we still have 3-4
months until the next release, instead of after the hard feature freeze
when its only 2 months or so. Or in KDE 4.4, when somebody else changes
another place that depends on applications "doing the right thing".


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