Krazy Check for Missing toolTips and whatsThis

Parker Coates parker.coates at
Tue Sep 23 15:56:38 BST 2008

Sorry for the delayed response; I was out of the country for a few weeks.

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 07:16, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> I think they shouldn't as QLabels usually are associated with another widget
> which will have the tooltip (I am not a usability folk though).

Since no one has objected, can we remove the check for QLabels?

Even if tooltips and whatthis help are required for QLabels, it should
probably be the same text as the control widget they're labeling. If
that were the case, we should come up with some (semi-) automatic way
to copy the tooltip and whatsthis from the buddy to the label, instead
of just duplicating the string in the code.

> "Since these widgets pull the tooltips and whatsthis text from the .kfcg"
> Is that so? I thought not, please check that info.
> As far as I know Tooltips and QWhatsThis are pulled from .ui files or directly
> from code but not from .kcfg files.
> Keep the check if I am true. Clarify if I am wrong.

It seems we'll have to split the cheque. It seems (in my application,
at least) that the whatthis text IS pulled from the kcfg file, but the
tooltip IS NOT. I knew it worked for the whatsthis and assumed it
would work for the tooltips. If the whatthis text is set in both the
code and the kcfg file, the code overrides the kcfg.

I have no idea what the intended behaviour is though. It seems a bit
silly to have to duplicate this information in both the code/UI and
the kcfg file. Do any of the KConfig guys have any input?


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