kate-ctags-plugin moved to kdereview

Kåre Särs kare.sars at kolumbus.fi
Mon Sep 22 20:33:50 BST 2008


I have ported/rewritten a CTags plugin for kate (KDE4) and I have now moved 
the plugin to kdereview for inclusion into kdesdk(/kate/plugins).

The plugin uses CTags to generate a database file for a directory and it's 
subfolders. With that data base file one can look-up definitions and 
declarations of functions,structs,... If no data base file is loaded, when a 
look-up is performed, the plugin will ask if a new database should be 
generated or if an existing one should be loaded. The setings (ctags command 
and database file location) is saved in the session configuration, so that 
one can have one database file per project/session. After a look-up it is 
possible to jump back to where one came from.

I have run krazy2all on the plugin and fixed all the krazy warnings.

Kåre Särs

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