Inivitation to Qt Developer Days in Munich or Redwood City

Knut Yrvin kyrvin at
Mon Sep 22 17:43:54 BST 2008


We are proud to invite free software developers to Qt Dev.Days in Munich  
and Redwood City. Qt Software sponsor free passes for contributors to free 

The program this year is exiting. Thierry Bastian is presenting animation 
API. Ariya Hidayat are presenting beautiful and blazing fast graphics with 
Qt and QtWebKit: Present and Future. Please visit session abstracts[1] on 
the  talks: 


Location and dates[2]: 
* Qt Dev.Days is in Munich, Berlin Tuesday Oct 14th - Wednesday Oct 15th. 
* Qt Dev.Days is in Redwood City, California is from Wednesday Oct 29th - 
Thursday Oct 30th. 


To get a free pass, please send me an e-mail with a line on who you are 
and a link to which free software project you are participating. Then I'll 
send you a free pass number for online registration. 

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Community Manager / Qt and Qtopia
Trolltech, a Nokia Company
cell: + 47 934 79 561, phone: +47 21 60 27 58

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