Patch for KShortcutsEditor and KXMLGui

Michael Jansen info at
Sat Sep 20 21:54:52 BST 2008

Hi all

I tried the following patch for KShortcutsEditor so applications using KXMLGui 
would not have their shortcuts show in one big group. I tried to show the 
action of a collection under the short description or name of their component. 

It didn't work out as i expected. That aboutData part isn't really up to date 
or used at all in kde's code.

Apply the patch and have a look at kate and kdevelop 

In kdevelop you can see they do not provide about datas for their plugins. 
they just use different component names. 

Kate is even more lazy. They just use one component for their plugins named 

Have a look at konqueror. Much better :-) .

There are some things i don't understand. Why is the about description for 
kate empty? Kate provides a short description but somehow i can't get it. It 
always uses the program name.

I really would like to somehow provide this but i guess it would lead to much 
uproar because all projects would have to  be much more accurate with their 
plugins and components/aboutData. And seeing kdevxyz in a guy isn't nive for 
the user.

Is it worth it? Is it possible to provide some kind of opt in for this 
feature? I have currently no idea of KXMLGui.


Michael Jansen

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