Any devs willing to maintain KnowIt?

Frank Osterfeld frank.osterfeld at
Sat Sep 20 20:35:15 BST 2008


On Wednesday 09 July 2008, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> I'm using it too and if I can't find an alternative that works well
> under KDE4, once I switch to KDE4, I'll probably port it myself. Thats
> not the same as maintainership though, I don't have time for that, I'd
> just make it work in KDE4 as it works now for what I need.

I did just that and started to port today's CVS snapshot of knowit to KDE4, 
find the initial port at


(will move it to playground when okayed by MichaƂ)

It's not finished, I just made it compile and not crash at startup. The 
mainwindow comes up and it loaded my .kno file without problems. Some code is 
known to be not ported, I disabled those sections using #ifdef 

Feel free to test and contribute. As for Andreas, I don't have the time to 
maintain the application, I probably will just do a basic port to make it 
work for me, on Linux and OS X.


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