External SVN item in kdebase/runtime/nepomuk/services/queryservice/lib

Thomas Schaap t.m.schaap at student.tudelft.nl
Tue Sep 16 10:54:53 BST 2008


I run KDE 4 from SNV trunk. During my daily update-and-compile round I 
found today that someone added an external SVN item in 
kdebase/runtime/nepomuk/services/queryservice/lib. Normally, this is no 
problem. However, it seems this external was retrieved over https. As 
far as I know, I don't have access to the KDE SVN over https, only over 
svn+ssh. Is there a way for me to fix this? Or should the external be fixed?

Thanks ahead for your help.

Kind regards,

Thomas Schaap

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