Port KAnimatedSystemTray into KSystemTray

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 19:30:35 BST 2008

oh god, not this again...

>  > it's
>  > not like i go around telling people in kmail (to pick a random example)
>  > what style to use or complain about their style.
> They might care because they are open to contribute there, have a look at some
>  parts, and even have modules in the works which are a candidate for inclusion
>  there. :) And so they might care for entry barriers, and this includes such
>  representatives nitpicks as where-braces.

entry barrier? seriously?
<insert standard response here>

i wrote a longer reply to this, but i'm pretty sure all i have to say
here has already been said in the "Consensus on the kdelibs coding
style" thread.

the person writing code in this thread hasn't objected to the style,
so let's leave them alone, ok?

>  Also, please for KDE being a community project normalize contribution a little
>  by time to spend, not everybody is lucky to earn his money by this and can go
>  fulltime.

then let's not spend that time reenacting the code style debate AGAIN.

This message brought to you by evyl bananas and the number 3.

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