Port KAnimatedSystemTray into KSystemTray

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Sep 14 03:36:14 BST 2008

On Saturday 13 September 2008, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Please, don't hide the fact that that guide is _not_ an official guide.

it's as close as we have for the core kde libraries, though. i don't know why 
people are so allergic to the idea of consistency and i don't know why people 
who contribute little if at all to this area of KDE even care. it's not like i 
go around telling people in kmail (to pick a random example) what style to use 
or complain about their style.

> Inofficial especially for such controversable things like bracing single
> lines (me being a member of the
> no-braces-for-single-lines-and-braces-on-own-line party).

that's great; use it for your projects, including those in KDE such as okteta, 
and nobody will have a problem with it.

> > +    if (d->movie->state() == QMovie::Running)
> > +        return true;
> > +    else
> > +        return false;
> >
> >
> > should be:
> >
> > +    if (d->movie->state() == QMovie::Running) {
> > +        return true;
> > +    } else {
> > +        return false;
> > +    }
> (Hm. Really, how is this better? But this is OT these days).

> Isn't the problem here rather the if-return-else-return, which makes the
> code improvable?

yes, it should probably just be

	return d->movie->state() == QMovie::Running;

but as i noted elsewhere in my email, isPlaying should be removed completely; 
that made this particular code a moot point. i just pulled it as an example 
because that's where my cursor happened to be in the patch.

> Much more important for good code than where to put braces, no?

agreed; except as i said that whole method doesn't even belong there. which is 
why i didn't comment on it particularly further.

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