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Sat Sep 13 16:59:22 BST 2008

On Saturday 13 September 2008, Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
> > there's no point, at least imho, in hiding the power of nepomuk by only
> > searching tags and filenames. i should be able to search by any meta data
> > i so desire in the file dialog that nepomuk understands.
> The two points are not exclusive :


> When you ask Nepomuk to return all the files related to keyword foo,
> what does the runner doo ? Only filter on filename, or use tags too, etc...
> Searching in any metadata is of course possible, but obviously we need
> some "weighting" of the properties here (a simple answer could be :
> weight = # of properties matching keyword, most "heavy" answers first).

a less simple answer would be to weight some properties higher, without 
getting to complicated and using a silly integer points system for the 
purposes of the following list:

* 4 points for matching name of file
* 3 points for matching a tag associated with the file
* 2 points for matching a person/contact associated to the file
* 1 point for mimetype or other metadata

or something along those lines. sum up the points, voila. obviously something 
we can play with and tweak in usage, or we could scour the internets for 
previous work on weightings using these kinds of attributes ....

but it shouldn't be too hard to get to a reasonable level of usability.

that does mean i'll have to add some code to the file dialog to list things by 
rank and perhaps even the reason for the ranking? hmm..

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