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Adrien BUSTANY madcat at
Sat Sep 13 11:27:09 BST 2008

Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> On Friday 12 September 2008, Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
>> Sebastian Kügler a écrit :
>>> On Friday 12 September 2008 16:57:51 Alexander Dymo wrote:
>>>>> i actully added the search widget yesterday, at least on the file
>>>>> dialog side. now i need to hook it up to .. nepomuk?
>>>> Actually I think filtering files by name in the directory would be ok as
>>>> an intitial implementation.
>>> filename and tag would be good. From there we can see how this 'feels'
>>> and improve ...
>> That's possible, as SPARQL (the query language used for Nepomuk) allows
>> that quite easily. I also started to work on the concept of "Project" in
>> KDE-Nepomuk, although for now it's mostly similar to tags, so not of a
>> great use. So let's restrict to filename and tags for now.
> if we're going to do filename and tags, i may as well just use a regular 
> indexer directly via e.g. xesam.
> the reason Alexander suggested name was in case connecting to nepomuk was 
> harder; obviously that was a premature suggestion. =)
> there's no point, at least imho, in hiding the power of nepomuk by only 
> searching tags and filenames. i should be able to search by any meta data i so 
> desire in the file dialog that nepomuk understands.

The two points are not exclusive :
When you ask Nepomuk to return all the files related to keyword foo, 
what does the runner doo ? Only filter on filename, or use tags too, etc...
Searching in any metadata is of course possible, but obviously we need 
some "weighting" of the properties here (a simple answer could be : 
weight = # of properties matching keyword, most "heavy" answers first).

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