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Sat Sep 13 11:29:59 BST 2008

Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> On Friday 12 September 2008, Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
>> Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
>>> On Friday 12 September 2008, Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
>>>> Mandriva's (KRunner module, people tagging app, nepouk resource
>>>> explorer, konqueror extension...) all live in the playground for the
>>>> curious.
>>> speaking of which ... what are your plans for these? i'm particularly
>>> interested in the runner myself (surprise!)
>>> oh, and to keep this moving to completion: will you be doing the svn mv's
>>> necessary to get the AnnotationPlugins somewhere i can use them in the
>>> file dialog?
>> My plans are to continue to work on Nepomuk, as I really like the
>> technology... You can already test the runner, which works quite well
>> (you need the resource inspector too, screencast here :
>> or
>> s/ogg/avi if it doesn't work). I'd be glad if they could be tested, and
>> even moved to a more "official" part of KDE
> that's what i was asking for =) if you feel the runner is ready for "prime 
> time" please move it into kdereview/plasma/runners/, announce on plasma-
> devel at and we'll get it reviewed.
>> Do you think It would be better to svn mv or rather copy the files to
>> the dialog dir ? I'd rather keep a version in the playground, although
>> that implies keeping both versions sync'ed...
> it makes no sense to keep two version in svn. mv what needs to be moved.
But then what happens for people who want to compile things in the 
playground which use AnnotationPlugins ? Forgive me if I miss your 
point, I just got out of bed :)

Just some detail about the infrastructure of the annotation plugins :
The "final user" (ie the developper using the plugins) uses a factory 
classes, which will return plugins. Plugins all share a common 
interface, but they don't install any header, you cannot instantiate 
them directly. So you can't just move the File AnnotationPlugin to the 
dialog tree, you need the whole code (and even if you could, the 
resource inspector needs it).

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