Review request for knotify osd plugin

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sun Sep 7 16:01:56 BST 2008

Le dimanche 7 septembre 2008, Ben Cooksley a écrit :
> the two configuration parameters i spotted "Timeout" and "Persistent"
> || "Persistant" have been added to the osd knotify plugin, being
> appropriately handled.
> -the Persistent option should be treated however as deprecated, you
> should set the Timeout to 0 instead.
> -Previously the option for hiding after a certain time was called
> "Time" and was renamed to "Timeout", in order to provide
> compatability.
> as long as there are no others i didn't miss this means that
> applications do not have to adjust themselves ( apart from the name of
> the plugin they are asking for ), and as long as they don't use the
> dbus interface that kpassivepopup provided.
> bcooksley

Sorry i missunderstand you.
You're not touching the KNotification Api, are you?
Because you shouldn't.

KPassivePopup doesn't provide dbus interface.
The dbus code which is in the notifybypopup.cpp is used for the plasma 

You should not create a new plugin, but modify the notifybypopup one to not 
use KPassivePopup, but your fancy OSD instead.

Application should need no change at all.

If application need more complex OSD with custom widget on it, they will have 
to use the OSD without using KNotification.    But what are those 
applications? and what do they do?

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