Review request for knotify osd plugin

Ben Cooksley sourtooth at
Sun Sep 7 01:29:49 BST 2008

the two configuration parameters i spotted "Timeout" and "Persistent"
|| "Persistant" have been added to the osd knotify plugin, being
appropriately handled.

-the Persistent option should be treated however as deprecated, you
should set the Timeout to 0 instead.
-Previously the option for hiding after a certain time was called
"Time" and was renamed to "Timeout", in order to provide

as long as there are no others i didn't miss this means that
applications do not have to adjust themselves ( apart from the name of
the plugin they are asking for ), and as long as they don't use the
dbus interface that kpassivepopup provided.


On 9/7/08, Sebastian K├╝gler <sebas at> wrote:
> On Saturday 06 September 2008 01:59:27 Ben Cooksley wrote:
>> the defaults are to be empty, and to obey the system theme ( palette +
>> font ) with no timer, and close on click enabled, which are pretty
>> sensible i think.
>> in terms of the api, i use what knotify provides me with, so no
>> changes there, unless they want to do a timer, progress bar, or
>> disable close on click ( in which case they need to create a option ).
>> the only noticeable difference is that the osd plugin does not have
>> its own dbus interface.
> With "good defaults" I was talking about "don't break existing
> applications",
> the changes in knotify should be completely transparent to them.
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> sebas
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