Fwd: Community patches and bugfixes to Qt?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Mon Sep 8 08:39:44 BST 2008

Le lundi 8 septembre 2008, Girish Ramakrishnan a écrit :
> The problem, I find, is not about sending in bug reports and patches,
> which imo is already as painless as it can be. The problem is how the
> bug reports and patches are processed.
> Here's my list of suggestions on how Nokia can improve given its limited
> resources for tracking patches coming from outside:
> 1. Task tracker needs a revamp - It needs a voting system, a commenting
> mechanism, to upload user patches/attachments. More importantly, I need
> a way to get notifications when the bug changes state.

I completely agree on this point.

> 2. A clear explanation for priorities given to bugs.

This would be partially solved by #1
Also, we plan to change the way bugs are priotirized

> For example, why is 219293 P4? I would have thought since it is a regression
> it would be fixed asap 

It's difficult to prioritize tasks.   
There is a huge number of task we have to treat. And the one which schedule 
the task may just not evaluate correctly the task.

(In the case of that particular task, it is assigned to me, but it's the first 
time i see it, and probably would not have looked at it for long if you 
didn't mention it :-))

> 3. How are contributors acknowledged? Something as trivial as mentioning
> it in the ChangeLog will be enough for me.


> 4. Without opening up Qt's unit tests completely, it seems to me that
> every user patch will require lots of boring effort for the integrator.
> A patch without unit tests has limited value.

We plan to release the test suite.

Another thing is that not everyone in the company comes from open source 
background.  We have lot of open source people here (mostly coming from KDE) 
who try to push for more openness. But we sometimes see little bit of 
resistance from those who are not used to the open source world.
Changing our tools requires time and work, and there is always resistance to 
change. That's why everything doesn't change very fast.  But i think it's 
slowly moving to more and more openness.

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