Change release schedule 4.2 and schedule for 4.3

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at
Tue Sep 9 13:32:19 BST 2008

On Tuesday 09 September 2008 12:39:07 Sebastian K├╝gler wrote:
> We have become too diverse for the current, rather limited development
> model and tools.

I don't think this is an accurate statement. Our development model is well 
developed and has scaled tremendously well. Alone the fact that we are still 
able to do releases of our millions of lines of code shows that. With 
extragear and all the third-party apps which are maintained outside of KDE we 
have a model which allows for a huge amount of diversity.

Of course there are limitations and tools which could be better, but I think 
it's very important to recognize the value of what we have right now, and 
there are a lot of details which have developed over the years, but are easy 
to overlook when only thinking about the big picture. Changing a development 
model can do a lot of harm and alone the fact of changing something is a 
disruption to many contributors.

So I would be much more happy, if the discussion would be lead from a point of 
view that we have a great development model which has proven itself and was 
adapted over the years, and we look how we can iteratively improve it even 

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at>

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