Change release schedule 4.2 and schedule for 4.3

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Mon Sep 8 12:48:07 BST 2008

On Segunda 08 Setembro 2008 12:58:42 Jordi Polo wrote:
> As for the Qt/KDE alignment, with 6months/9months releases cycles , aren't
> we able to use Qt trunk at least half of the releases ?

One every three releases.

What will happen is that Qt 4.5 and KDE 4.2 will be released very close to 
each other. That means KDE 4.2 entirely misses Qt 4.5. It will be based upon 
Qt 4.4, which is will be then 7 months old.

KDE 4.3 (to be released in June) will be able to use Qt 4.5, but all the 
features will have been frozen already in Qt.

KDE 4.4 (say, Dec/2009) will be in perfect sync with Qt 4.6: the KDE first 
alphas should be coming out just after the final release of Qt 4.6 (sometime 
in September or October 2009).

KDE 4.5 (Jun/2010) will be stuck with Qt 4.6, again with a release more than 6 
months old.

Then the cycle repeats.

As you can see, there's one ideal situation (the 4.4 case), one not so bad 
(the 4.3 case) and one bad case (the 4.2/4.5 cases) for every three KDE 

But in any case, these plans are may too long-term. I'd focus more on the 
short- and medium-term benefits. Unfortunately, unlike I had previously said, 
the window of opportunity for Qt 4.5 is missed unless the KDE 4.2 schedule is 
changed *now*.

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