Krazy Check for Missing toolTips and whatsThis

Parker Coates parker.coates at
Sun Sep 7 16:00:22 BST 2008

On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 16:43, Allen Winter wrote:
> I'm looking for feedback on how well this checker works.
> It should process C++, Qt designer (.ui) and KConfigXT (.kcfg) files.

So I added the test last night and have the following comments.

- The checker currently complains about QLabels not having tooltips or
whatsthis text. I'm not sure where the usability folks stands on this,
but it was my understanding that these extra bits of help information
should be added to control widgets, but not necessarily to the labels
describing them. Others may disagree, but I would recommend disabling
the check for QLabels.

- The checker complains that widgets controlled by KConfigXT (named
"kcfg_*") are lacking tooltips and whatsthis text. Since these widgets
pull the tooltips and whatsthis text from the .kfcg, they're not set
explicitly in the C++ source. I would recommend disabling the check
for variables starting with "kcfg_".

- My application has two .kcfg files, one is used in the traditional
sense to store application settings and to hook up to a settings
dialog. The other is used to define a custom filetype used by my game
to load store and load different rulesets. This second .kcfg file
contains no tooltip or whatsthis tags because it has no association
with any GUI. Is there a way to tell Krazy not to run a particular
check on a particular file? Or vice versa, to run a particular check
only on a particular file? I realise I could make this work by
splitting the files into separate directories and adding .krazy files
to each, but that seems a bit kludgy.

Anyway, I like the checker and I think it makes sense that one has to
opt-in. I hope the above is useful.


P.S. Sorry that this email breaks threading, but I subscribed to the
list after the original email was sent, so I had to fake the reply.

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