Krazy Check for Missing toolTips and whatsThis

Allen Winter winter at
Tue Sep 2 17:43:00 BST 2008


Starting with tonight's run on the EBN, you can now ask Krazy to
report widgets that are missing toolTips or whatsThis text.

This check (called "tipsandthis") is NOT enabled by default -- you need
to add the appropriate EXTRA directive to your project .krazy file
for this checker to run on your project files.

For example, in the kdepim/korganizer/.krazy file add the line
   EXTRA tipsandthis
and then svn commit that file.

I'm looking for feedback on how well this checker works.
It should process C++, Qt designer (.ui) and KConfigXT (.kcfg) files.

BTW: I ran this checker in KOrganizer source and it reported back
about 800 issues.  That's an awful lot of new i18n strings to add.


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