[PATCH] A KJob jobtracker that uses kuiserver, or falls back to dialogs.

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Thu Sep 4 13:01:20 BST 2008


> Any idea on where to put that option though?

I would like to work on some KCM, not sure which one for this.

The summing up goes as follows:

- If you have the kuiserver plasmoid or kuiserver app running, use it (the 
service is registered on the bus). So this one is not a big deal.

- If the kuiserver plasmoid was added, the kuiserver app won't be brought up, 
since it will find out that there is another service registered with the same 

- If the kuiserver app was started, I think the kuiserver plasmoid should show 
no information, but a message informing about there is another application 
showing that information already running.

- The KCM would be as easy as: "I want progresses in the same window/whatever, 
or I want progresses on separate windows", with other fancy settings like: 
"remove finished jobs or move them to a "finished" list).

- The biggest issue I can find here is what happens if you remove the plasmoid 
while it is the responsible of showing this information (while on "show all 
progresses in the same window").

    - If it was already showing some information on progress, I think there is 
not too much to do with that... we can think about it later though.

    - New started jobs should have no problems on starting the kuiserver app.

Now, another issue I think we have to face is: imagine I am a user which 
selected "I want progresses in separate windows". If I add the kuiserver 
plasmoid, should it show a warning message: hey you need to go to this KCM and 
configure this as "same window", or should it just listen for jobs ?

I would say the former. If you choose the latter, we would really be in some 
trouble with the dynamic tracker, which would be becoming pretty complex 

Rafael Fernández López.
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