Review request for knotify osd plugin

Ben Cooksley sourtooth at
Mon Sep 1 21:20:41 BST 2008


i now believe that the knotify osd plugin which i have been working on
is ready for inclusion into knotify. however it is based upon my
kosdwidget library, so it will need to be reviewed as well.

i had to use the other knotify modules as my documentation and guess
what each function was for, because of a lack of documentation, so it
is more than likely that i have mis-interpreted what each function
actually does.

quick checklist:
- compiles when kosdwidget is compiled with it ( with knotify trunk )
( on kde 4.1 install )
- kosdwidget compiles successful
- nothing to translate
- i couldn't see any documentation, but i can work on it if it should exist

the kosdwidget library, is now used by kdisplay ( my playground
application ) and this knotify module, so i am requesting that it be
reviewed for inclusion into kdelibs.


ben cooksley

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