Fwd: Re: Color issues on KMultiTabBarTab, KUrl(Navigator)Button and KCapacityBar

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 4 00:36:51 BST 2008

Thomas L├╝bking wrote:
> gradients.cpp in the bespin code contains some functions for gloss/color
> creation (usually you need to catch high saturated colors, shift hue etc. - 
> the question is really, what you want to gain...)

KDE stuff should be using KColorUtils, unless you're actually doing 
hue-shifts (but I would question *why* you would want to do those in a 
style...). KCU provides several ways to fiddle with luma and chroma, 
which are the preferred knobs to adjust.

>> I will not accept any patch that will try to set a hard coded value to any
>> of the widget settings. However, I would accept a patch that with some
>> logic makes this work all right in all cases.
> ...the "hardcoded Qt::white" fg should have been *Qt::black*, anyway:
> as you've got the bg (QPalette::Base) in the upper and QPalette::Highlight in 
> the lower part there's no guarantee for a global solution,

Well, the way a progress bar would do this is paint the part over 
Highlight with HighlightText, and the part over Base with Text.

Not sure how well it works with fills oriented longwise, but to be 
honest I always thought that was a bad idea to begin with :-).

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