Review request for kio_bookmarks

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Wed Sep 3 17:13:46 BST 2008

Le dimanche 31 août 2008, Xavier Vello a écrit :
> Hello
> I think it's time to review kio_bookmarks for kdebase-runtime integration.
> You can read about it at
> I already did releases at
> There are still a few
> quirks but it's already quite usable.
> A little checklist :
>   - compiles and runs with 4.1 and trunk
>   - user documentaion for the kio and the kcm in kio_bookmarks/doc (not
> installable by itself, but to be copied to kdebase/runtime/doc)
>   - one krazy issue, but it seems to be a false positive (missing
> "computer" icon while kickoff uses it)
>   - completely translatable
> This is my first Qt/KDE software, please tell me if I have coded things
> wrong. I'm subscribed to the list and on irc (xvello) if you need to
> contact me.

It looks pretty good.  I think it can be moved to kdebase.

Few comments anyway:

- Why are all your method virtual?  
It's bad practice because virtual function make the virtual table bigger, and 
add a redirection when calling it, so you should try to avoid using virtual 
if possible. (even if i agree that in this case, those performance issues are 
almost negligible)

- You could add yourself as author in the KAboutData

- it seems to me that echoHead("bookmarks:/") generate unfinished html

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