[ANNOUNCE] kdedoxyqt.sh - generates APIDOX for Qt assistant

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Fri Oct 31 00:02:50 GMT 2008

On Friday 31 October 2008 00:16:27 Allen Winter wrote:
> On Thursday 30 October 2008 7:04:39 pm Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> > Running qhelpgenerator...
> > Error in line 432: Opening and ending tag mismatch.
> > Error: failed to run qhelpgenerator on index.qhp
> >
> > Any clue about this?
> That happens for me too, depending on where in the codebase I test.
> The problem is not with my script though.
> I'm pretty sure the xml  generated by doxygen is bad in some cases.
> And then qhelpgenerator barfs on it.
> I took a look at this problem a few days ago and found a missing end-tag in
> the xml.
> No, I haven't reported the bug to doxygen yet because I want to provide
> them with more details: something more specific than "your xml is buggy".
> Although... I think a Troll may have written this code for the doxygen
> project...
> Anyway, that's all the info I have on this issue at the moment.

Thanks for the details, Allen.

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