Suggested criteria for reviewers on techbase

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu Oct 30 23:18:32 GMT 2008

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> * The application compiles and runs on Windows, Mac, BSD, Solaris.
> What about Linux? Also there's no way i can satisfy that, as i only have a
> linux build environtment, i'd relax that sentence

The point isn't that the application must be tried on each platform, but
that if the reviewer tries it out, then he says so.

If he doesn't try it out, then he doesn't say anything about it. If he
scanned through it and doesn't see anything obvious that would make it not
compile somewhere, he'd just say that. Or if he wasn't thinking about that
while reviewing, he'd omit that kind of thing entirely.

This is about reviewers saying what they looked for while reviewing, not
requiring them to look for certain things. It's suggestions of things a
reviewer could consider that they might not otherwise have thought of.

> The point of the sentence should be that code that is not operating-system 
> specific should work on all our platforms, and the application maintainer 
> should put reasonable effort into making it work on all of them;

And if the reviewer has that in mind when reviewing it, then he might say
so. I'm just interested in making it more obvious what aspects of new code
were actually checked by a reviewer. Nothing here is a 'requirement'. 

I don't mind removing the page if it causes only confusion.


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