KCalendarSystemChinese - calendar for Chinese in KDE 4

John Layt john at layt.net
Wed Oct 29 23:44:15 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 29 October 2008 13:28:05 Allen Winter wrote:
> On Thursday 20 December 2007 8:01:29 am Liang Qi wrote:
> > Hi, all,
> >
> > There is no code for Chinese calendar, which is mostly used by people
> > in or from East Asia, China, Korean, Japan and so on.
> I was just reminded about this from a discussion we are having about
> a new calendar system for Hindu holidays.
> So... whatever happened to this code?
> Are all the issues from the original discussion fixed?
> I see that John Layt has this as a TODO item on the 4.2 Feature Plan,
> so we could conceivably have this included with KDE 4.2 .

I should update the 4.2 TODO to move that to 4.3, but I don't think we have a 
page for 4.3 yet :-)  I haven't had a dev machine for a few months so it 
hasn't progressed much further.  One of the astronomical code libraries 
included was confirmed as being in the Public Domain, but the other library 
was not under an acceptable license, so we never got to the code clean-up 

My plan for 4.3 is to look at some generic lunar calendar functionality, with 
the required astronomical calculation routines such as working out the 
sunset/sunrise for the users geolocation (geoclue?) borrowed from or written 
with the assistance of the KStars guys.  This code could then be used as a 
common base to write proper calendar systems for the various calendars that 
rely on this, such as the various Islamic religious  (our current  ones are 
civil calendars that have known shortcomings) and Asian traditional ones.

My plan for 4.2, now I have a dev machine again, is to finish cleaning-up and 
stabilising the existing calendars before looking at any new calendars in 4.3.  
I also have a proposal for moving Working Week and Day of Prayer to KLocale, 
but that's a separate e-mail.

Of course, if you have someone who knows about such things and is willing to 
write the code, then don't let me stop them :-)


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