Software Engineering page updates

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Wed Oct 29 20:35:11 GMT 2008


Carrying on from here:

I've been updating that page a bit again.

Some things I added this time are:

Mention FLA and relicencing efforts.
Link to Code of Conduct.
Mention techbase
Mention KDE e.v. as the legal entity behind KDE.
Mention patronship of KDE

Some issues:

I don't know a lot about some of the things I'm writing about (particularly
wrt usability stuff, ev stuff, etc).
I couldn't find a community working group page on
The FLA does not seem to be online yet.
I haven't seen any updates regarding getting automated non-linux builds onto
I'm not certain I have the right information about Coverity.
The page should possibly be renamed, but I'm not certain to what. 'Aspects
of KDE'? 'KDE Organisation'?
The boxes are looking bloated again. I'll have to move content outside them
again or discard the box entirely.

Any ideas there?


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