[PATCH] KWin Xinerama: Move mouse to other screen

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Wed Oct 29 14:01:57 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 21 October 2008 16:17:02 Hans Meine wrote:
> You suggested that the functionality could be activated iff "active mouse
> screen" aka "active screen follows mouse" is activated; the more I think
> about this the more sense this makes.  This
> - fixes the current problem (without my patch) that "switch to next screen"
> onto an empty screen does not work if "active mouse screen" is not active,
> - prevents the problem that "switch to next screen" back *from* an empty
> screen does not work with my unconditional patch, and
> - makes sense because then this supplements "active screen follows mouse"
> by "mouse follows active screen".
> I will post an updated patch soon (maybe only next week).

Here's an updated patch; I also made the FIXMEs more verbose to clearly 
explain the remaining problems and how to test it.

Sorry for the delay; I am still sick (and tired of it - being ill I mean).

I really hope this will get testing from Xinerama people and will be 
eventually included; I cannot live without the patch anymore!

Best wishes,
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